12 Inch 30CM Illuminated 3D Acrylic House Number, Weatherproof House Numbers in 3D Effect, LED Lettre Address Sign Number, Home Easy to install, Yellow Light

  • LED lighted address numbers: Elegantly display your house number with LED lights that are emitted from behind the lighted numbers, softening the output. Great for homeowners, contractors, and designers to see your home or business street number clearly night and day.
  • Hign quality - These lighted house numbers are both durable and weather resistant, guaranteeing a long lasting product. This sleek and modern design is both eye-catching and stylish.
  • Durable Acrylic: Our light up house numbers are made from lightweight, durable acrylic and stainless steel material for a look that will last. Mounting hardware is included for ease of handyman or contractor installation.
  • Powerful, long lasting LED light: LED lights for a backlit house number you can easily see. The LED strip inside is outdoor waterproof, so it is suitable for outdoor use.(NOTE: If You Need Other Lights Colors, Please Leave A Message)
  • If you encounter any problems or unsatisfactory items about our 3D floating LED house numbers, please send us an email directly, and we will make every effort to solve the problem for you in the shortest possible time.(Note: Without transformer, please purchase separately).


"span"Product Name : LED Back Light House Number
Product Color :White
Product Emission Color:Red Light, Yellow Light, Blue Light, Green Light, Purple Light, White Light, Warm Light (NOTE : IF YOU NEED OTHER LIGHTS COLORS, PLEASE LEAVE A NOTE. Default Delivery Yellow Light)
Product Size : 12 Inch/300mm
Product Materia : Acrylic amp; LED Light
Product Transformer : input 110-240V , output 12V(Without transformer)
Product Certification:Waterproof Led ligth source with CE/Rohs cetification
Product Color Temperature: 10000K
Product Life Span :100000 hours
Use: Street number, door number
Features: Glow, Big enough and easy to read, Waterproof

Product Packaging:
1* house number , installation tools ,screw , Installation drawings. 1000mm extend wire (if you think it is short , please measure your wall and note the wire length)

Regarding installation issues: because everyone's installation environment is different. So if you encounter problems with installation, please feel free to contact customer service. We will solve the problem for you.

Make you 100% satisfied is the top priority of our job. If you are satisfied with our service. Please leave 5 stars feedback for us. If you can write some positival feedback and with some pictures. That will be very helpful for us.




12 Inch 30CM Illuminated 3D Acrylic House Number, Weatherproof House Numbers in 3D Effect, LED Lettre Address Sign Number, Home Easy to install, Yellow Light

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